Join the DigiBoogie Artists Catalog can put your music in the largest market there is for music today; the online market. Start earning more money from your music by making it more accessible to the world. Reach more music listeners by utilizing our mobile marketing solutions. Increase your online presence with strategic web advertising. Increase your network to increase your net worth. View our artist packages to see our integrated print media services that are a great option for marketing, advertising, promoting, and selling your music.

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Sell Your Music Worldwide

The online market is the biggest market for music today. The world wide web puts your music in a natl/international market virtually overnight. In this new day of smart phones and tablets, opportunities for artists and labels to get music to the fan has increased. It's necessary to be online along with some form of consistent marketing/advertising in order to reap the full benefits from your music.

Promote Your Music

Music promotion is one of the most important aspects of earning money from releasing a project. Once available for listeners to buy, the next step is bringing awareness to the music and where it can be purchased. This is done through consistent advertising, marketing and promoting. DigiBoogie offers mobile solutions such as download cards, websites and digital flyers as materials to market your music.

Starting Earning Money From Your Music Today!

Let help you get your online distribution started with one of our digital packages or try our new iBoogie Mobile Music streaming service with our revolutionary digital physical service, we are sure you will start generating momentum and reveue from your music instantly!

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Go Digital catalogs artists, and provides online distribution and marketing for those artists via and social media outlets. We offer distribution packages with custom print media services included.

Digital Just Got Physical

Try our iBoogie Mobile Music streaming service with our revolutionary digital physical service. We have a niche, iBoogie Cards, the newest form of physical distribution. Also, selling CDs is still an important source of income for artists.


MP3 Distribution

Sell music with the top download providers: iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play, Spotify, etc. click here

Press CDs

DigiBoogie makes your music available in over 5,000 record stores worldwide — and on click here

DigiDrop Shipping

DigiBoogie sets up a personal order page for physical CD sales of your music with credit, debit or Paypal transactions capability. click here

Mobile Marketing

Our mobile solutions provide quick access for downloads or streams and are right on point for today's smart phone, on the go culture. click here

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